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Sniper Elite 4 Review

The most famous Rebellion series, Sniper Elite , just took a big step forward. And this warlike title delights us with a fourth installment that, in our opinion, improves in many aspects and facets to the rest of previous editions: it may be more of the same, but improved. And this has resulted in a third-person adventure that, despite not being perfect, does turn into a very appetizing title for fans of the genre.

We tell you what we found this new action game in the open world starring a sniper.

And what exactly is Sniper Elite 4 ? Well it is a very tactical third-person shooter that also presents certain (very light, yes,) sandbox touches to which is added a main ingredient: stealth. What would become of this saga without this aspect?

Back to war

The plot that serves as a starting point for the adventure takes place just after what happened in the last installment of this saga. Therefore we are dragged back to World War II , specifically to the year 1943. Everything takes place in Italian lands, being necessary to lead the resistance of the Mediterranean country incarnating the role of Karl Fairburne , an elite shooter capable of surviving alone In hostile territory … and carry out the most dangerous missions.

An argument for nothing original but that goes well with its mission, which is no other to serve as an excuse to enjoy an adventure in which encounter several elements of game that make Sniper Elite 4 a very attractive title.

Before starting each mission we can prepare ourselves, choose our team and talk with our partners.

In this way the gameplay is based on several well-differentiated elements, starting with the theme of secrecy. As a good sniper, his is to move cautiously not to be discovered by enemies, it is very advisable to use binoculars , which become one of the best allies of the main character.

Thanks to them it is possible to recognize the terrain, especially if we are in an elevated position like in the top of a tower or in a mountainous zone. And thanks to the possibility of marking both the enemies and the important objects found in the sets (boxes of ammunition, explosives and other types of resources) we are made somewhat easier.

The binoculars allow us to spot the terrain and mark the enemies and important objects that we want.

The way to undertake each of the missions and secondary objectives that we must overcome over the eight large levels that make up the main game mode is tremendously open. And we explained. We enjoy complete freedom to overcome the objectives in the order that interests us most, as well as to undertake or not the secondary tasks that it is also possible to carry out. These secondary tasks not only prolong the life of the game but also provide us with extra experience that, in the long run, allows us to improve our range of soldiers.

This has its relevance given that, every five levels, we are rewarded with the assimilation of a special ability , either an improvement in resistance or ammunition capacity.

The graphical environment has been quite revitalized in comparison with the lived in the previous editions of the series.

Continuing with the possibilities of game offered by this work, we can overcome every situation that poses the adventure as we like. On the one hand it is possible to make use of the great specialty of the protagonist, his precision as an expert sniper, being able to eliminate the rivals from long distances . This has the advantage that it is not necessary to enter into direct contact with the adversaries, although the noise emitted by the projectiles of this rifle is very evident and, if we make several consecutive, the enemies can locate us quickly. To camouflage our shots we can resort to a couple of resources, the most interesting being offered by the scenarios themselves.

Aircraft, heavy machinery and other elements occasionally emit noises so deafening that, if we link and synchronize with our shots, serve to overlap the shots made with our sniper rifle. An element of play that may seem minor but that has its importance.

The Kill Cam camera offers us images as shocking as this one. It can be turned off in the options, but we love it.

Also if we choose to use this facet of sniper we will be able to enjoy one of the signs of identity of this franchise, the Kill Cam X-ray , a camera that is quite spectacular, following the path of a deadly bullet towards our enemy … with All the corresponding gore load .

We can also infiltrate enemy territory without being seen and end up with rivals in a subtle way so as not to raise suspicions, in total silence, tactically tremendously recommendable but more difficult to carry out . And while the enemies are not that they are the cleverest in the world (sometimes their artificial intelligence loses more than it should), they are able to detect us if we pass close to them and enter into their field of vision … Especially if one of them is a sniper whose peripheral vision is really wide.

We enjoy a good repertoire of weapons, each with its own characteristics and qualities.

Do not you want to be so fine and prefer to go to the beast, directly? Well we can also do it whenever we are well equipped with shotguns, hand grenades, machine guns and whatever it takes.

Of course, before each mission it is advisable to have more or less clear ideas of the way in which we will act to prepare ourselves properly. And is that just before the beginning of each mission it is possible to customize our equipment and choose those weapons and gadgets that we create opportune, there being a multitude of possibilities. A generous range of possibilities that greatly encourages gameplay.

A very complete game

Aside from being able to enjoy individual story mode, the title encourages us to enjoy other multiplayer features … starting by moving forward in the main game mode with a friend! Of course, this cooperative option can only be enjoyed online (no screen divided into the same console), but it is a really appetizing incentive and in fact it becomes one of the great qualities of the game in global.

It is possible to enjoy several multiplayer modes both cooperative as well as competitive.

But there are more. This cooperative mode can grow to accommodate a maximum of four players at a time , enjoying a series of missions created specifically for that mode. An effort made by the developers to offer as much content as possible that is appreciated.

And to top it off, the title also hosts a competitive multiplayer mode for 12 users, an equally attractive option that also allows us to choose from a large number of submodalities (Control, Death to Individual and Team Death …) Of different maps (half a dozen). In addition, the developers have confirmed that they are planning to expand the number of game modes and maps available in this multiplayer mode, so it seems that it will become one of the most important claims of the title.

It is noticeable that Rebellion has worked conscientiously his new work in everything related to its playful side, and this is just as patent in its graphic side.

The quality jump that has given this edition of Sniper Elite in relation to what was established in the past is noticeable in an incredible way. Evidently the arrival of new consoles and PCs, much more powerful than the formats that welcomed the latest editions of this franchise, have allowed designers to create a truly magnificent visual environment that, without squeezing the full potential of PS4 graphics, Xbox One and PC, offers very convincing results … at least according to what we have enjoyed in PS4 Pro, which has been the version that we have accessed.

The atmosphere is really good and allows us to see wide scenarios full of enemies, rival bases and hiding places.

The recreation of the scenarios is quite satisfactory, environments that are much wider than those enjoyed in the last installment of the series. Its variety is also really striking, being able to travel from small villages to wooded areas, the interior of several laboratories and warehouses, etc.

The title is displayed at 1080p native resolution in all formats, providing a stable animation frame rate and a good texturing job. But what has caught our attention is its illumination, which has seemed really magnificent (and it improves even more in PS4 Pro, by the way, like its fps rate ).

The least achieved in this sense are the irregular animations of the characters , which without being bad on certain occasions are somewhat robotized, such as those linked to jumps, not very successful.

And to conclude, the sound is at a similar level, highlighting above all its good dubbing in Spanish and the remarkable sound effects, which are imposed on a soundtrack that takes on a more secondary role.


We have been pleasantly surprised by this new edition of the Sniper Elite series . And not because we expected a mediocre title, but because what has offered us Rebellion is a really complete and well done action adventure . And is that not too many similar games are able to join an individual campaign mode (or cooperative doubles) so well shaped with competitive multiplayer options and cooperatives as diverse. It lacks some freshness and a more elaborate story but, otherwise, is not bad at all.

u hold your breath, you adjust your eyes and PAM !, you open fire on a Nazi officer. He is dead and you, safe !, that separate you 400 meters of distance. Alarms ring, enemies rush and scream everywhere, but you are far from danger; Nobody has seen you and the feeling could not be more incredible. You feel powerful, almost immortal … but you are not. Do not even think about it for a second. You’re a sniper , a simple soldier on hostile ground, so you can never let your guard down; Death stalks and punishes the unsuspecting but … what an emotion! When you set your target and target with enviable precision, then you adore Sniper Elite 4 more than anything else . This is a video game loaded with great moments, situations that would excite any fan of World War II ; But it is in the same measure a title that does not finish to realize its full potential. Although it improves a lot with respect to its predecessor, it continues leaving you with some bitter aftertaste.


The magic, the illusion of feeling that you are really on the battlefield, disappears in more occasions than desired because of an irregular artificial intelligence that evokes errors of the past, a scourge that drags the series from its beginnings. It is a pity. To lose yourself in Mussolini ‘s Italy to fight the enemy in some gigantic stages , much bigger than ever, feeling that you are free to act as you please is one of the great achievements of this new work of Rebellion . Not the only one. It also improves stealth , fluidity of action or tactical options, thanks to the dual use of weapons and gadgets that Lieutenant Karl Fairburne carries with him. In other words. We love that the precision rifle now admits shots with silencers, no matter how much it increases the difficulty of targeting, because after all here we come to kill Nazis from a distance, which seemed anecdotal in the previous episode.



A Stealthy Slayer

Before continuing an overwhelming fact. The smallest map of Sniper elite 4 is three times larger than any seen in its predecessor. And no, it’s not just about size. The very development of the action evolves to a more open , freer style, allowing us to solve the missions in the order and way that pleases us. Linearity is out! And that false sense of freedom that gave the previous game of the saga. It’s a big step forward, as your combat options also grow exponentially. You always have alternatives ; Different ways to take action, either by using brute force, not recommended by the way, using guerrilla tactics, stabbing enemies, silencing your shots with ambient noise, or using any of the many gadgets you have at your disposal . Everything is for the best.


There are a variety of locations, from villages on the Mediterranean coast to extensive wooded areas. Its beauty is commendable but beware !, that the enemies are lurking.

It is easy to get carried away by the excitement of entering behind the enemy lines, fulfilling the objectives, and leaving the place without sounding the alarms. And it is also a fun experience. Forget the frustrations and the irregular rhythm of Sniper Elite 3 action; The new Rebellion measures the times better and, whether or not you are shooting, make sure you have a good time. Infiltrating, stealing, is no longer a tedious action; Sometimes, even, it’s the best part. Well, or it would be if it were not for the spectacular X-ray camera that, once again, shows us with a horrible cruelty the effects of our actions, taking all the protagonism.


The smallest map of Sniper Elite 4 is three times larger than any of its predecessors

You want to try new tactics. In one way or another, Sniper Elite 4 motivates you to do crazy things, to plant explosive traps here and there, to rustle bullets at certain enemies, to take advantage of the scenarios to massacre German troops in a jiffy. And it’s great! For effective and easy to end enemies with a knife or with the precision rifle, you feel the imperative need to test yourself; To put into action an impossible plan that results in a wild pyrotechnic show. And this is something that I value a lot, because in addition, the gigantic maps are so different from each other, that you always find new ways to test yourself. It is a pity that the AI of the enemies regularly disrupts some of these epic moments, because it is difficult to overcome the extreme blindness of some enemies, who will not see us even having us in front of them, or on the contrary, those who will see us from a distance Outrageously wide. Not the worst.


The X-ray camera is still pure spectacle … and also very cruel! In addition to the shots, it now also reflects the damage from melee hits and explosions.

At one point, after beating a Nazi, his allies were alerted and began to look for me. One came first and I killed him with a knife. This followed another and the same! I killed him without much problem. After a while I was surrounded by corpses without much effort. And that I play on high difficulty. But I do not want you to think that artificial intelligence is a complete disaster. The enemies are able to detect our position by the noise that we provoke when firing, appearing swift, in the same way that we can see to the high commanders to direct to its troops in the moments of maximum necessity. They are great details, that put you full in action, but sometimes insufficient.


Do you like challenges? Eliminate any help in targeting and really feel what it means to shoot with a precision rifle, controlling distances, movement, wind force or ballistic trajectory.

On the other hand I have missed a greater variety of missions ; In the end it is always the same, in different scenarios, but in the end fulfilling tasks too similar under the same conditions of combat. It gives the feeling that Rebellion does not finish exploding the great idea that underlies his franchise star, and it distresses me. Now everything is bigger, there is more freedom, and it’s more fun … but you still notice something goes wrong, which is not all that good it could become. It is the good way, no doubt; Options such as climbing on certain surfaces, which give the action more vertical, or the most intelligent use of explosive traps – delay the detonation is great – will excite any fan of this war and the saga itself, but ¿ It’s enough? The answer is complicated.


I have really enjoyed the experience and I find it hard to imagine that someone gets bored during the game with the huge amount of collectibles and optional objectives that are spread out for each scenario. I have even shouted with emotion at the completion of certain tasks! Such is the tension that is felt on the battlefields of Sniper Elite 4. And yet, despite all the good, there was, always latent, a sense of half satisfaction; That yes, I like it, but not as much as I should. And that with its multiplayer options here there is action for a while, and you bet on the cooperative for four players, which is your best trick given that you plan to survive on missions devised expressly for this mode brilliantly, or you face the competitive measuring your Forces against other players in duels that at times can become a festival of shots to the head.


Not all the modalities presented are fun to the same extent, and this is a field where perhaps we should have worked more, but as a complement to the main campaign, and especially the cooperative, we can not complain. Protecting the surplus supply from surge to surge, elbow to elbow with three friends, is a brutal experience; As well as losing this area and being forced to expose yourself to the enemy fire while you are looking for ammunition and medical kits. What a show! If it is that World War II is a conflict that invites the epic. That’s why I give ears to writers, who have not been able to set a good story linking the different missions that make up the main campaign. It has never been the strong point of the saga, but the warlike conflict, and a scenario like Italy, gave for something more.


Improves stealth, fluidity of action and tactical options

Something similar happens in the audiovisual sector . I admire the dimensions of the scenarios, are truly gigantic and are full of details; Its color, lighting, the number of areas you can explore … it is really easy to be surprised by the beauty of these places, although some textures do not have much quality and the animations, in general, are quite discreet. Sometimes, the video game suffers from some slowing down; Is nothing serious, but there are jerks in moments of maximum tension, especially in the version for consoles. At sound level, the soundtrack is not very flashy nor has a major role; Here the important thing is the sounds of the war, and these usually fulfill without great boas. Special mention for the good dubbing to the Spanish that presents the work.